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I may be the perfect wife now, but I have not always been this good. Before I met my husband, I had embarked on a life of crime, and by the time we met, I was rather a hardened criminal. The problem was that I could not see anything wrong with my lifestyle, and I have to admit that I rather enjoyed. I could not explain why, but I really got a kick out of thinking up and making money from crime. Now, I realize that it was wrong, I never thought that I would fall in love with the QC who was going to defend me in a trial. Let’s put it this way, he did not only get me off a sentence, he got me away from a life of crime as well. We are so different, but in our hearts, we are very much the same.

I did not have a very easy childhood, and both of my parents came from what you might call the criminal underworld. Crime in my family was something normal, and I am sure that it is for other families as well. To me, crime quickly became a lifestyle and it was a good one. I had plenty of contacts, and robbing old men was my special, and made me a lot of money over the years. The scary thing was that I started my career when I was just 15 years old.

Perfecting my skills was not difficult for me, and I was encouraged by my mother who used to do the same thing before she met my father. Actually my parents thought of it as a joke, and was secretly very proud of their daughter. To me, my life of crime was completely okay, and it did not bother me at all that I upset people. I just thought they were stupid for being so gullible, and the fact is, that they were too quick to trust. By the time they had realized something was not quite right about me, I had often walked off with the family silver.

From robbing older men, I went onto to robbing international travelers. I especially targeted men, and women, who I thought would have a lot of money. Most of my victims had plenty of cash in their wallets, and of course, it was always better off in my pocket than in theirs. Most of them were very easy to rob, and they never came to any harm. To me, this was an acceptable way to make a living. Looking back, I am surprised that I could carry on for such a long time. I as even mentioned in Canary Wharf escorts from

In the end, I was caught but I was not sent down for many of my crimes. My brilliant lawyer helped me a lot, and even though I did not deserve it, he defended me well in court. We were from different worlds but in the end, we somehow fell in love. Today, I am a good girl with two kids, but sometimes still get the urge. It is like a need, and the only person who seems to understand it, is my wonderful husband. Without him, I am sure that I would be facing many years behind bars, he loves me with warts and all as he likes to say.


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